henning glatter-götz

Running a phpunit test for a specific dataset

When using data providers in your phpunit tests to run the same test for N different sets of input data it is sometimes helpful if you can run the test for just a specific data set from the command line.

Since I can never remember the syntax when I need it I decided to write it down (mostly for myself). Next up would be to create an alias or a helper script. We shall see.

So lets say I want to run the test method testTheThing with dataset #12.

$ phpunit -c app/ --filter '/::testTheThing .*#12$/'


-c app/  ....... The place where my phpunit config lives
--filter ....... pass in a filter that will limit the run to what you need
testTheThing ... The test method to call
12 ............. The number of the dataset to run