henning glatter-götz

Sorting records with Ember.js

Ember.js provides a few really nice features out of the box to let you sort your records for display purposes. In the docs there is a short paragraph about it (SORTING) that does not tell the whole story so be sure to click the link about the Ember.SortableMixin for some more information.

The important detail is in the last two paragraphs:

SortableMixin works by sorting the arrangedContent array, which is the array that ArrayProxy displays. Due to the fact that the underlying ‘content’ array is not changed.

So if you changed your controller to an ArrayController and added the properties sortProperties and sortAscending so your controller looks like this:

App.SongsController = Ember.ArrayController.extend({
  sortProperties: ['name', 'artist'],
  sortAscending: true // false for descending

and you are wondering why your content is not sorted when writing the following in your template

{{#each record in content}}

It is because it should be

{{#each record in arrangedContent}}

However the very last paragraph on the above mentioned API docs page states

Although the sorted content can also be accessed through the arrangedContent property, it is preferable to use the proxied class and not the arrangedContent array directly.

That makes sense, but I am not sure how to do that in a template. So far it seems to work as needed.